War Crimes

Crime is against the law. Some laws have not been written. Crimes are against humanity long before they are governmentally adopted. Institutional legality is always late. In the wake of terrible behavior laws are adopted for moral or pseudo-moral reasons. Crimes against humanity are crimes against nature before they are named, and documented as being illegal. 

While behavior is labeled criminal  for moral reasons, there is an even more fundamental reason that it should be avoided. People are more naturally suited to adapting their environment to their being, than adapting their behavior to a toxic habitat. Natural economic law  exists. People have human capabilities, and needs. Safety is one of those needs, and crime makes people unsafe.

Crime is “a bridge too far.” it needs institutional recognition to protect possible victims, and to instruct potential perpetrators to behave humanely. Some people want to cheat. Cheaters hide their cheating. That too is a crime, a safety issue for humanity.

Natural crimes are not mistakes. Institutions that commit them, spend money to hide them. They lie to hide them. They cast aspersions on people who try to hold them accountable. 

War crimes are against humanity. They often are not documented as crimes. As this article is being written the government of my country. Is using its wealth to allow another country to commit genocide. Thousands of children have already died of starvation, and millions more are in imminent danger.

Elected politicians are supporting and hiding this war crime. They are using the assets of peace loving people for genocide. These “leaders” should immediately stop supporting this war, stop hiding its devastation, and speed humanitarian support to its dying victims.

This crime was no mistake. There is ample evidence of a coverup. As elected politicians continue dodge responsibility, innocent children suffer. These politicians are guilty of war crimes and should be tried as war criminals. 

Meanwhile, crimes against humanity are being perpetrated by a country that was a beacon of hope for the world. The light is flickering. We can keep it from blowing out, but we need to start now.

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