Buy Stock, Sell the Future

Money and power have always slipped from skilled hands of labor into the grabby hands of privilege. A natural efficiency phenomenon exists that extends opportunity, and multiplies the effectiveness of organized cooperative effort. It creates both danger and possibility. 

The danger lies in the disenfranchisement of some species, some people, and some generations. It is disheartening, and often lethal to be disenfranchised. Anger, or despair is an organizational impairment that dampens, and ultimately negates the natural efficiency phenomenon, natural economics. 

The stock market is a collection of institutions that profit from the natural efficiency phenomenon. What is not natural is how that profit is spent, for the magnification of privilege at the expense of skill, of labor, and the expense of the environmental devastation that cripples humanity.

The cycle of history is academically studied as if it was unavoidable. It clearly is, if that study ignores the dangers naturally encountered, and then purposely ignored. Organized cooperative effort, requires vision. The myopic perception of privilege is insufficient to organize natural efficiency. That includes the nearsightedness of academic privilege.

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