Foreign Policy

What are we becoming? Domestic policy travels in the direction of foreign policy. Foreign policy is an important part of national welfare. The purpose of policy is betterment. Policy sometimes conceptually fails and produces worse results. In the absence of corrupt intent, failure can teach a valuable lesson. However, many of history’s repeating calamities are caused by governmental corruption.

In Yemen the Saudis are currently using assets secured from the United States Government for genocide. Genocide is not foreign policy. It is either a terrible mistake, or corrupt intent. Is the leadership corrupt, is it incompetent, or both?

Follow the Money. Are they Competent or Corrupt?

This picture does not reflect the values of our citizenship, nor does it reflect the effectiveness of our capability. What it does show is the importance of selecting leaders who have the moral compass, and ability to serve humanity, not erase it. Criminality and incompetence are two sides of the same coin that values corruption over humanity.

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