People Improving Environment


PIE, People Improving Environment, is a natural capability people have that allows them to improve their chances for survival, their capability, and their kindness. It allows them to create space and time for humanity. PIE is a direction toward capability. Concern for other people, concern for other times, and concern for other places are what makes it work.

Nature preordained where people could live, and the natural rules governing their existence. The rules describe the both the opportunity afforded to humanity, and the devastation that is caused in the absence of PIE. Nature generates a natural economic force that is maximized in a kind cooperative environment, and it is negated in the absence of one.

PIE is economic. No person is self sufficient, but PIE increases the potential capability, and the overall probability of kindness emanating from each person, and from all people. PIE is purposeful. Environmental improvement is not an act of God. God provides opportunities. People search for them, seize them and labor to utilize them. That is what PIE is, people improving the environment they inhabit.