People Improving Environment

TinyEarth  Nature preordained where people could live, and the natural rules governing their existence. The rules describe the opportunity afforded to humanity, and the devastation that is caused in the absence of PIE. Nature generates a natural economic force that is maximized in a kind cooperative environment, and negated in the absence of one.

PieConsider a world sharing the financial pie. One percent of the people get fifty percent of the pie. Ten percent get another forty percent of it, and the rest of our human family fights over what is left. Does this seem like justice? Are those who got no pie Lazy? Are they evil? Are they subhuman?

The world’s money is distributed in a manner that inspires those who have the most to want more. War, injustice and poverty are used to concentrate wealth as it robs the entirety of humanity of safety, capability, and kindness.  Do people require money to feed, clothe, educate, and shelter their families? How can the needy benefit if the  greedy are the major source of diminishing income for increasingly more demeaning service?

Does pigging out promote tranquility? People move toward hope, if there is some. There is hope. Natural economic force is exerted when people improve their environment. Do you want to live in a place where a few people eat most of the pie? Do you want to help them sabotage other people, and other generations?

We can fix this. Money that fails humanity, fails economy. Economy is about providing humanitarian service. Money that supports WIP (war, poverty, and injustice) has an environmentally negative value. The one environment that we must share across borders and generations can not support increasing inhumanity.