Have you noticed that after centuries of human history, there is still war, injustice, and poverty, even though nearly the entirety of humanity wishes they would disappear? Have you also noticed that there is no plan to eliminate them? Wouldn’t the generations of world’s inhabitants be far better off without them?

The notion that the world could be a better place to live, is something people only privately, or secretly consider. The world’s institutions are fueled by the very thing that is destroying them, WIP.(war injustice, and poverty) There is no plan to change. No religion or philosophy has a plan. No business has a plan. No government has a plan. Peace and justice are quite simply not part of human history. They only exist in imaginations, in prayers, and in fantasies. 

History is the story of people imagining themselves as animals that must fight for survival, for power, and for privilege. Many of the lessons presented by history have been ignored because of the ongoing fight, and because of the sycophancy demanded by its victors. The lesson that nature is teaching is this. Fighting for survival, power, and privilege is not healthy for people, not even for those who believe they win the fight. 

The mirror image of an animal reveals its ability to survive in the environment that houses it. A person who looks in the mirror sees someone that cannot survive in any environment without improving it. Worse, a person needs the help of other people to improve its environment. Even worse, some of those other people are not helpful. They act like animals.

History is the mirror image of the past. Peering into history shows us people with personal agendas that degrade who they are, agendas that degrade the existence of all other people, and agendas that degrade all other generations. People are capable of much more. Fighting over space, safety, and respect is inhumane. It fails to bring safety, capability, or contentment to humanity. 

History is where we came from. It is where people acted like animals. Acting like animals is not humane. When Science categorized people as animals it failed to notice a glaringly unique behavioral attribute not shared with animals. All people are totally dependent on other people, and other generations. They share exactly one environment, or suffer a terrible consequence. That consequence is the tragedy of being forced to live with WIP. WIP is the war, the injustice, and the poverty that accompany animalistic behavior. 

Animals survive or thrive by chance, by strength or by cunning. They adapt to their environment or die. People survive by improving their environment. They improve their environment to be safe, to be capable, and to become satisfied. War, Injustice, and poverty appear as the result of failing to improve the environment. They combine to become WIP, the primary source of human incapability, unkindness, depression and despair. 

There is a way to create a better environment. It starts by looking in the mirror and noticing that a person is peering back, not an animal. That person has behavioral opportunities to improve existence for other people, even other generations. The seven billion people that are looking into the mirror of history are looking at people acting like animals.  When people take the time to notice the historic lack of human success they will also notice that being human is a unifying effort. A people improves the environment for the safety, for the capability, and for the happiness of all people for all generations. A herd of animals, not so much. The picture of tomorrow needs be different. It can no longer be history’s reflection of people pretending to be animals.

We can make tomorrow a better place to live, a place that plants respect; and grows good neighbors; place where truth and justice are pursued for the betterment of humankind; a place where science is used solely as an instrument that produces peace, justice, and exploration. Tomorrow can be a place where depression and despair can no longer exist because the WIP that feeds them is dead from starvation.