Elections have been poorly constructed contests. Contested elections are a throwback to an ancient paradigm that has been twisted by a somewhat simplistic “scientific” notion that fitness is what determines survival, and the terms of survival. That ancient paradigm is still influencing human behavior in an unnatural manner that degrades the quality of human life, and its ability to be sustainable.

WIP, (war, injustice, and poverty) devastates the one environment that all people share across all borders, and all generations. PIE, (People improve environment) or they fail. Elections can be used to improve the environment. Elections, however, are dangerous. Wrongly conducted they cause WIP instead of curing it. Does it make sense to wreck the human environment? PIE with elections, not contests.

How can an election not be a contest? Suppose there was a bag of delicious candy. The red pieces were healthy, and the green ones were poison. Would you eat them all? Would you eat just the red ones, or the green ones? Of course, eating the healthy ones would be preferable, and you can identify them because they are red.

Since elections are not identified with bright colors, how can people tell which ones cause WIP, and which ones help PIE? All of the candy, is not edible, and all elections are not palatable. Some cause WIP. The others help people improve the environment they share with other people and other generations.

The contests cause WIP. There are winners and losers. Valid elections improve the environment for everyone in this and other generations. Elections don’t come in colors, but they can be readily recognized by their design.

Contests are designed to discriminate. They create winners and losers. The designers want to win. Craftiness is considered essential for individual survival, and personal pleasure. Winners dominate losers. That is what was formerly thought of as survival in the real world. That wasn’t the real world. It is a microcosm carried by the river of time over raging falls where it crashes on the rocks of reality. 

Valid elections produce PIE, people improving their environment. Other species live in the environment they inherit. They can no longer exist when their environment becomes too hostile. People can only survive by improving their environment. Failing to improve it spoils it for other people, and other generations. Valid elections have the purpose of PIE.

How can you make PIE? Elections answer that question. Individually people are not knowledgable enough. They don’t know the needs, the desires, and the capacities of other people. They are ignorant of environmental effects caused by careless, or selfish disregard of other people, other places, and other generations. The purpose of education is to make PIE, but education is not preventing WIP. I am unaware of any plausible plan to improve its effectiveness.

There is so much to learn about PIE that calculating an amount is impractical. Learning more, creates more to learn. The knowledge so jealously protected by “political” winners is not a measurable amount. What is measurable is its purpose. Is it for PIE, or is it to profit from WIP? 

Valid elections pool voters knowledge to produce PIE. Each voter has opinions about what ingredients are necessary for PIE. Valid elections collect environmental knowledge that destroys illogical competition as it creates legal diversity.  

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