Legal Diversity

Legal diversity refers to the relationship between those who write laws, those who interpret them, those who enforce them, and those who live with them. The diverseness is not a mix of right and wrong. Wrong is not legal. Diversity is purposeful attention to the details of understanding. 

Legal diversity is natures requirement for legality, constitutionality, and economic ecology. Understanding legal diversity is rudimentary to a paradigm shift from the environmentally destructive tribalism of ancient times to an environmentally friendly globalism of a far better future. 

“Toward a more perfect union” is an absolute requirement for legal diversity. To become better requires people to try to become better. If they pay attention to the details of betterment that is likely to happen. If they fail to pay attention, it most certainly will not.

The WIP (war, injustice, injustice, and poverty) that plagued the past did so because there was inadequate legal diversity. There is a rather simple method to measure it. The absence of legal diversity is the cost of justice, and the time it takes to achieve it. The higher the cost, the greater need for more legal diversity. Injustice is the heart of WIP, but WIP is a monster whose heart pumps poison. WIP cannot live with humanity, and humanity cannot live with WIP. 

Inhumane existence is not something to dodge. Dodging it pumps poison from the heart of the monster, WIP. WIP makes each human life less important, and less satisfied. The only just war, is the one that fights WIP. Legal diversity is the weapon that will win it


Primarily people that come from a background of power and privilege are the people who may become the lawyers, the legislators, and the politicians who harness administrative direction and capability. They typically serve power and privilege, and can see little else.

There are levels of discrimination that are presided over by monetary power. Those who preside have immunity that is accorded by vast amounts of cash. Their sycophants receive some immunity, a generous stipend which they receive for the enslavement of underlings. Underlings receive a modest wage, for doing legitimate work. Revolutionaries live by stealing power. Desperate people steal if there is no reasonable legitimate route for self preservation. 

Justice is for all, or it doesn’t exist. Discrimination is unjust. Monetary power is maximized by allowing a sufficient flow toward need, and away from greed. The power is the capability to help humankind, but it is easily corrupted. Legal diversity is an effective antidote for that corruption. 

A danger to one person can be eliminated by others, not any others, but particular others, others with the opportunity to be effective. Justly applied monetary power finances opportunity, and safety. Monetary power that finances harm is unjust, inefficient, and not economic.

Legal diversity requires that legal representation is just. Economically the flow of money satisfies need, and destroys greed. Rich lawyers, economists, and lawmakers don’t understand enough about need to effectively preside over monetary power. Legal diversity is required, but it is stymied by the jealous protection that privilege receives. 

Each stage of economic environmental pollution restricts human safety, and opportunity. What is legal needs to correspond to what is humane. WIP(war, injustice, and poverty) is inhumanity that needs to be eradicated. Justice cannot prevail if injustice is not identified. It is often invisible to power and privilege. 

Writing, interpreting, and enforcing laws that have been commandeered by privilege will not control the environmental devastation caused by WIP. PIE, (People improve environment) only if they see and identify the harm done to it. Legal diversity is a microscope that is necessary to identify and subdue inhumanity before it further diminishes who we are. 

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