Economics-the Science-the Superstition

In what is currently studied as Economics, the prefixes micro and macro are attached describe local and global dissimilarities. While diversity is the norm, the terms are distractions from economic reality. There is but one economy. For better or for worse humanity shares it. Economics; if it is to become a science, and not just political ideology, superstition; will need to face reality. 

Money, the life blood of economy, is valuable because it can increase human survival, safety and pleasure. It can do other things that don’t help humanity. The value of money fluctuates, increasing with the benefit it provides to humanity, decreasing with the harm it causes.

Economics uses money as its life blood. Just as healthy blood is required to feed a healthy body, healthy money is required to feed a healthy economy. The harmful properties are filtered out. So humanity is nourished and protected from within. 

Harm is harmful, by definition. Economics cannot be harmful, by definition. Economics is the naturally existing phenomenon that allows people to improve both their environment, and their humanity. Each person’s habitat is uniquely intertwined genetically and environmentally with that of other people’s and other generations’.

War, injustice, and poverty are the preventable, and treatable causes of depression, despair, and disfunction. We are perfectly capable of destroying them. How can a people believe that they educate their children while they simultaneously hide from this simple fact?

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