Effective Education

What is valuable about education? What is the measure of its effectiveness? Considering that most of the world’s population receives some, or much education. Little is done to address the answers to those two questions about the value and effectiveness of education. That is especially true of the institutions that do much of the educating.

Education is a product, and that product is sold by the institutions that do the educating. They advertise the product, and what sells is sometimes harmful to those who learn, harmful to those who fail to learn, and harmful to society at large. The harm is concealed to sell the product.

The war, the poverty, and the injustice that plagues humanity is not necessary, and it is not smart. Education is, at the very least, part of the solution to problems that don’t solve themselves. Education produces results. It is important that results solve problems, not perpetuate them, and certainly not make them worse.

Educational value translates into behavior. The smart behavior does no harm. Absent harm, education can produce safety, efficiency, and happiness. There is exactly one world. People have the ability to improve it, and make it a better place for others. Other people either make it a better place for them, or they fail to do so. Failure is a product of insufficient education. 

Education is sold as a way of increasing intellectual power. Unfortunately the power is often used to pit humanity against itself, because the value of education is minimized, even negated by repeating disastrous results. Education is not a personal competition. It is a project to improve humanity. When people work hard to improve the lives of others they need not worry. Others are working hard to improve their lives. There is little that a person can do to improve their own existence. Other people are responsible for your opportunities.

Force times distance measures work. Education has no mathematical equivalence because of the individuality of its effectiveness. Its value is recognizable, not as an amount, but as a direction, away from harm, toward humanity.

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