Time Travel

Time is the location of humanity as it travels through time. People tend to want to control where they travel. People do not control time, but they do have some control over what happens at particular times. And humanity has a seemingly infinite ability to increase that control.

There seems to be no way to change the particular direction time travels. It has a speed, a constant rate that it travels as it measures the length of existence. Time measures the duration of a human life, and the length of the life of humanity.

There are things people do to enhance their travel through time. They saddle opportunity to increase the ability to go farther in less time. They are better able to enjoy the time spent while traveling long distances, lifetimes. Lives cut short, or pain endured reduces or negates the benefit of traveling through time.

Improvement is the purpose of travel. Humanity does not want to travel backwards. It wants to be more capable, more contented, and more enduring. People built roads to make traveling easier. Soon they discovered that there was an advantage to using one lane of traffic to go one way, another for traveling the opposite direction. It made travel safer, quicker and more enjoyable. Soon there were other hi ways, hi ways of communication. 

Time travel can happen without moving bodies, just minds. A person’s being resides there. Kindness, and capability can travel without the physical presence of a person, an organization, or a land mass.

Peace, justice, and wellbeing can not be generated without effectively communicating. Travel on communication highways is limited by reality, truth. Earlier hi ways needed to control the direction of travel to avoid injuries, confusion and frustrating delays. Humanity needs to travel to a better place. Time is of the essence. Presently communication hi ways are riddled with detours, one for each lie. Lies on lies. Detours on detours, bumpy roads to nowhere that is worthwhile, or even tolerable to human existence.  

Communication hi ways can only transport truth. Lies wreck the infrastructure. When corruption highjacks the ability of humanity to protect the environment that it houses, it is time to recognize that technology cannot replace reality. The transmission of lies is inhumane. It is high crime against humanity. Time continues at the same rate, tic… Opportunities are destroyed by mechanized lies that generate nonfeasance, misfeasance, and malfeasance. 

Are we insane? Why is lying allowed in mass communication? Who thinks that is a good idea? Speech that is abusive is harmful. Speech that lies is harmful. Shall we just watch as our humanity is ripped from our beating hearts? Using technology to accelerate, amplify, or magnify harm destroys humanity at lightning speed. It is time to construct communication super hi ways where harm is removed before entering the on-ramp.

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