Social Polarity

Since social power requires social participation, it is secured either by the dissemination of truth or of fallacies. Fallacies fall into three categories (lies, ignorance, and ignore-ance.) Negative social power is secured by applying these fallacies.

Society is affected by the polarity of social power. Just as numerals are affected by their sign, social power is affected by its sign. Positive power produces benefit. Negative power is harmful. We should know the effect of the flame before we light the stove. We should know if the flame will affect our food in a delicious manner, or burn the house down. Social power should responsibly prevent harm or create benefit before it is applied. History records the polarity of social power too late, after the harm is done and after the opportunity has passed, while social power is applied with inadequate regard for impending harm or benefit that can only be achieved in an increasingly narrow window of opportunity.

The laws of nature supersede political laws. The legal right to speak does not excuse the natural consequences socially incurred by spewing fallacies, the negative social power is unaddressed. Its omission in the very first amendment of the United States Constitution lawfully excuses fallacies injected into free speech. There is little to no regard for the effects of the polarity on the social power that streams from giving lawful political permission to cause social harm.

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