What Is Freedom

People are free to be decent human beings. Decent? Decency is not a right. It is a responsibility – life’s work. There are no laws, and no religious doctrines that free any person or any people from their innate responsibility to protect themselves and humanity from harm.

Responsibility is not accomplished without effort, without study, and without the help of the diverse community, humanity. Your life did not begin at at birth, and it will not stop just because your flesh changes to dirt. It is the gift of genetic and cultural inheritance that makes you free. 

Decency requires effort. As each person endeavors to become competent and kind the gift of freedom increases and spreads, but a lack of decency puts a dagger humanity’s back sabotaging its ability to give, to remain safe, and ultimately to exist.

You are free to explore the infinite wisdom of decency, to protect you and humanity from harming yourselves, making each other angry, and harming each other even worse. The genetic and cultural force that is human life can continue, but you alone must remove the dagger. 

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