Cooperative Effect

People help themselves and humanity by improving the environment they share. The better that environment gets the more potential each person has, and the more satisfaction. Why then are people not doing a better job of improving the world they share?

People have an intellectual ineptitude with an easily understandable solution. Solving the problem makes survivability easier and more enjoyable. People are capable of cooperatively solving complex problems. Failure to cooperate is a the tragic flaw that diminishes or negates the ability of people to create the nest that is the only place our fledgling humanity can survive. 

Cooperation creates keys. What each key opens depends on the purpose of the effort. Success is not guarded by luck. A key must be fashioned to unlock success. All other keys open circular pathways that use combined efforts to build harmful barriers that isolate the caring nest that can only be created by humanity.

Harm is something that people historically have allowed by cooperatively ignoring it. Whether it be medical, social, or environmental, harm is harmful. Ignoring it is is a crime against humanity that is publicly financed. Some people are harmed, others are paid to inflict it, while most just try to dodge it. Ignoring harm has incarcerated the planets occupants in the cell created for them by their peers and parentage. 

Conflict incarcerates the future of humanity. Evil has no flesh. It is simply subhuman behavior that stupidly inflicts and protects harm.

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