Fundamentals of Learning

There are fundamentals of learning. Roots that are required to be attached for facts to have relevance. These fundamentals were not understood a thousand years ago, or a hundred years ago. In fact, even today they are ignored by highly “educated” influential people. The appearance of learning that ignores the fundamentals of learning can be identified by negative outcomes that are not accidental. 

Fact #1 There is exactly one environment that all people share, have shared, and will share forever.

Fact #2 People have the ability to improve it. Failure destroys human habitat, human capability, and human kindness.

Fact #3 The ability to survive, and the quality of human existence grows from its environment. Improved survivability is the direct result of environmental improvement. 

Fact #4 Environmental improvement is not accidental.

Improving the environment requires learning how to improve the environment. The improvement is insurance for coming generations, and it is built on the knowledge derived from previous human experience. 

PIE – People improve environment. WIP – War, injustice, and poverty are the observable parts of negative educational outcomes. War, injustice, and poverty are relatively inseparable parts of one failure, WIP.  

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