Is there a conflict of interest when the senate majority leader has a wife in the president’s cabinet? Is it corrupt intent to shut down the government to make extortion a “legal” bargaining chip? How can there be separation of powers when family members work in different branches of government that have oversight responsibilities over each other? If the president were to fire the majority leader’s wife, their family income would immediately be cut in half. That puts the leader in a position where he can be blackmailed by the president. Does that not create a security issue? 

Truth and Trump encounter each other on accidental basis only. Yet it was not until well after he was elected president that the press obsequiously referred to his lies as falsehoods, as if they were accidental and rare. His backers referred to his lies as alternative truth. Why don’t political parties have the legal responsibility to pick qualified candidates? 

Successful democracy is dependent on the will of informed people. When the information they digest is regurgitated from corrupted political bowels the information that they consume is harmful. They are misinformed. Information alternatively substituted for fact is crap. Crap is not fact, and it is not healthy for citizens to consume it. It is disgusting to spread it across the country and around the world.

If the political parties were liable for inhumane, unqualified, and corrupt candidates wouldn’t that be an incentive to pick more qualified candidates? Lying, cheating, and deception are obvious disqualifications. Any party that ignores them should be disqualified and disbanded because of corrupt intent. Its followers would still be free to vote their conscience. Truth is not determined democratically. Corrupt intentions are not legal, even if they are pursued by major political parties..

As time passes, either knowledge or crap influences political behavior. Enough time has passed to know for certain that, the exact number of environments that people are allowed to inhabit is one. Countries are part of that single environment. The behavior of each country helps or harms the environment; For the present, and for the future, each country is home to its citizens. The world is home to its countries. Crap causes war, injustice, and poverty, three parts of one problem, WIP. Truth is food for the environment. People improve the environment by improving their learning. People improve their environment, PIE. But, You can’t make PIE with crap.

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