Eco What?

There are critically important things that need to be ecologically balanced if people are to thrive, or even survive. This balance is not generally understood. Because of a flaw in educational pedagogy, it is not even academically understood. For the sake of simplicity consider that there are just three areas of human environmental incompetence. Improving none of them would be disastrous, rendering human life difficult, and for an increasing number of people, impossible. All three areas of human incompetence must be improved to avoid crippling environmental damage, inhumanity.

Kind Competence

The environmental parts need to improve synchronously. Let’s call the parts the home, the state, and the world. There is but one environment. It has three parts. How can people improve all of them? Won’t that require the help of people who don’t want to help? 

If people don’t know what is in their best interest it is absolutely true that they won’t act in their best interest, yours, or the best interest of future generations. Behavior is the only thing that changes competence. Better behavior will lead to better homes, better states, and a better world. There is no other solution. Behavior is the well kept secret for improving the kindness, the safety, and capability of each person, and all of humanity. Environmental improvement can only be achieved with behavior.

Environmental progress is behavioral progress. Their outcomes are equivalent. Environment erodes unless behavior improves. So, the question that has been myopically answered throughout human history is:

How do we environmentally improve human behavior?

Behavioral allegiance is to humanity. When individuals fight for themselves, they create vulnerability. Some, or many of those around them are treated sub humanely. The same is true when families fight for themselves, and when states fight for themselves. The world, the state, and the family all need to fight for the individuals. The world and the state need to support its families, and the world needs to support its states. For that to happen, individuals, families, and states need the ability to make life better. Environmental erosion increases the vulnerability of every person, both now, and into the future. What future is there if we abuse the children of Earth?

Health and happiness are a function of the environment. Individually people often behave in manner that is mistakenly believed to be unrelated to the environment that houses their personal habitat. The same is true socially. It is impossible to be healthy and happy when those who surround you are not. The historical solution to this problem is to pretend it doesn’t exist. While people pretend, they don’t share knowledge, resources, religion, or politics. They build a wall between those they care about, and those they don’t. That wall, and the desire for it, is an environmental fracture that has a name, WIP. (war, poverty, and injustice)

Living organisms on earth have to survive in the environment they inhabit. That includes people, but people have an option. They can make multigenerational, and global improvements to the environment. In fact that is apparently the only way people are biologically equipped to survive. 

People improve environment. Human survival is not natures plan. People survive by treating nature well. PIE. (people improve environment.) PIE with behavioral competence. How do PIE? How do they behave in a manner that repairs the self inflicted environmental fractures that have tortured the history of their being?

Education is a way to change behavior. Past practice has changed it for better, or for worse. ‘Worse,’ is not an environmentally sound outcome, and therefore not a behaviorally sound practice. Mathematically, academia has discovered the importance of an order of operations. Educational pedagogy has failed to identify the order of behaviors, as it pertains to human environmental incompetence. Does the order of behaviors affect the environment?

Individual, family, state, and world is the order of observation. A ferrel animal is educationally myopic. It can see itself, and perhaps its family. Its behavior is unhelpful in preserving its environment. A person can see farther, even beyond the the boundaries of Earth. It can see the difficulties that lie beyond the confines of living in the world. There is motivation to appreciate the ability to improve the world. Hope for a better future is a physiological necessity. Hope builds possibility. 

Possibility builds the necessity to reverse engineer the environment. Start with the ideal, and figure out how to get there. Figure out what is important, and take the necessary steps. Skipping behaviors is like leaving some of the bolts out of the wing of an airplane. Behavior is the nuts and bolts of healing the environment.

The order of observation is opposite the order of beneficial environmental behavior. First in the behavioral order of operations is the world, then the state, then the family, and finally the individual. The reason for this is that you are of infinite importance to the world, to the state, to your family, and to yourself. You are the hope for the future. You have unimaginable opportunities that are available to nobody else. 

When the world is a mess, the state is unjust, and if families squabble people are walled off. Walls make faith, hope, and charity invisible. They torture human life. The order of behavioral operations requires discipline. Behavioral direction is infinitely more important than behavioral power. Behavioral direction is what poisons the human environment, or improves it. Earth can be a wonderful place to for being human. PIE by being humane. Humanity is PIE. PIE is ecological.

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