Economic Shadows

There is but one earth. Its habitability depends on the economic behavior of the people who live there. Working for a common goal is effective. Failing to do so is not. What is that goal? The heart of the problem is defining that goal. Who would be so presumptuous as to define what that goal is?

The goal that needs to be pursued is, to make Earth the best possible place for human habitation. The goal does not need to be created. It naturally exists. The goal needs to be individually discovered, and socially expected.

It is other people that make your life better, and it is you who has the potential to improve theirs. The kindness, and the competence of all people improves the environment all people share. A single unkind act can devastate the environment we share making kindness and competence more difficult to attain, and affect.  

The stock market is traditionally a place to invest. Companies use skill to produce goods and services that would be difficult, or impossible to produce on a small scale. Roads, airplanes, clothing, and waste removal are but a few things that the market produces. Most goods and services would not available if there were no stock market. The market is competent at producing vast amounts of goods and services. Competence is only part of the goal. What is the rest of the goal?  

The stock market is an instrument of the represented companies. Its sole purpose is to maximize the profit of the companies for the people who own them. They compete by minimizing their expenses, cutting salaries, and polluting natural resources. The harm done to the environment is harmful to the health, and safety of all people. Also, it continues harming new generations. The harm done to poor people is more evident. Wage earners live impoverished lives underpaid, under housed, under fed, undereducated, and under respected. They worry about losing work, because of mean bosses, because of mechanization, and because of market downturns.

People who are wealthy are happy with the system. They can bully their less fortunate citizens, and feel a smugness while doing so. The market disenfranchises the very people who give it value. Their efficiency raises the value of a company as it devalues the effort of its workers, putting the wellbeing of many families at risk. The respect and reward of work is being sold on the stock market to the highest bidder. Simultaneously the physical, and human environment of the planet are being degraded at an accelerating rate, for profit. Slavery exists, silently in the shadows of magnificent towering skyscrapers.

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