Citizen Hostages?

Using government shutdown to negotiate a budget is not bargaining in good faith. The government’s mandate is to serve and protect its citizens. Holding them hostage is wrong. It is corrupt intent to use innocent citizens as political bargaining chips. 

Corruption holds hostages.
Effective government frees them.

Negotiations with the government closed are not any more constitutional than holding hostages for nonpolitical negotiations.

Pay the bills before negotiating. Pass legislation to prevent threatening citizens’ wages, and personal wellbeing. Taking citizen hostages to achieve “political” goals is not an ethical role of government.

If elected leaders can’t handle this, we need to elect better leaders. Where are the courts? Who thinks this, “protection racket,” is a good idea?

Right and wrong exist. Corrupt intent is constitutionally not allowable, but confronting bullies requires noticing and caring.

Notice and care. Real leaders stand up to injustice. They don’t line their pockets with it. The hard work of citizenship is noticing, caring, and repairing injustice.

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