Political figures are considered winners if they are elected. They are granted the power of representation. Their constituents are well represented, or perhaps not? If past history is a future indicator, “perhaps not” is the most likely outcome. 

“Perhaps,” because waiting for history to demonstrate past proficiency leaves a vast breeding ground for corruption. It makes the harm done by self serving behavior undetectable until it is too late to rectify it. The harmful effects may extend for generations, or forever. There needs to be a more predictable way to determine the effectiveness of political representation.

The “not” in the “perhaps not” is far more predictable. Political figures who win elections are immersed into a culture of corruption that dilutes the benefit derived from their best efforts to represent their constituents. Time spent in corrupt culture can inure them to the importance of the needs, and the potential of their constituency. 

The fear of being cheated, or disrespected is probably not paranoia. Injustice is an actual thing. It corrupts representation. PIE. People improve environment, or not. Competent representation is a requirement for PIE. The alternative to PIE is WIP. (war, injustice, and poverty) PIE is the future for humanity. WIP steals humanity from the future.

Choosing competent representation is a win for everyone.

Humanity is oneness. A representative is a oneness doctor, a humanitarian doctor. The doctor has particular skill, and knowledge that disallows harm, and increases the chances for health. A child may beg for candy while the parent denies the plea. The parent intervenes for the benefit of the child, not for his insistence on self destruction. A representative serves constituents by ignoring the wailing of those who harm themselves. Their health and respectability are best served by informed, caring representation.

Politically speaking, service is economy. In any economy people are served monetarily, and respectfully. Money and respect are required to sustain humanity. Too much in one place, or too little in another divides humanity. Representation is economic. A person who represents clients also represents those who are not clients.

Choosing competent caring representation is a win for everyone. The vote is cast to secure representation for humanity. Representatives are chosen for their respect and their ability. The represented constituents are the beating heart of humanity. Their representatives help to keep it beating, or “perhaps not,” 

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