Actual Education

Actual education is learning that produces behavior that values, and protects humanity. It is important for two reasons. It is virtually impossible to learn even a fraction about what actually exists, and time limits the amount that can actually be learned. Actual Education focuses on the importance of learning over the amount of knowledge collected.

Education is learning, but some learning isn’t educational. Learning falsehoods isn’t educational. Truth is the educational target, but proportion, purpose, and possibility all play a role in its effectiveness. Effective education, is important because of a particular effect it has on human behavior, but all effects are not beneficial. PIE. People improve their environment, or they fail. Actual education does not fail PIE. The definition of education is narrow. It is learning that does not fail PIE.

Actual Education is environmentally friendly.

Academic education generally has no focus. PIE. People improve environment. That is how human life is supported in a universe that is mostly hostile to its existence. Education, actual education focuses on learning more effective ways to enhance and sustain being human.

Education, actual education is concerned with the affect of education on people, those who are learning, those who will be future learners, who, by chance, or by design have the opportunity to improve human being.

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