Clarity – The Path to Success

Clarity is obscured by vagueness. Vagueness is fertile ground for corruption. It is counter educational. It is static that drowns out the music of humanity. Criminal intent would disappear if vagueness were to become rare. Cheating in plain sight typically doesn’t happen, and it is easier to control when it does. 

Who is opposed to success? While most people immediately reply; “Nobody is opposed to success!” Many do oppose other people succeeding. WIP (war, injustice, and poverty) is what many people perceive as a natural cause of inhumanity. The traits of good and evil are ascribed to people. Good and evil are not properties of people. They are properties of their behavior, behavior that they can change. Those changes tend to be for the better when others can clearly see the results.

Corrupting language creates a huge hiding place for failure. PIE, People improve their environment. Success occurs when the shared environment is improved. Cheating occurs in most segments of society. It happens in government, in education, in business, and even in religion. When people try to protect themselves from appearing to be complicit, they use vagueness as a covert lie, or as an excuse not to expose one. 

Success is environmental improvement. A successful criminal is a failure. A politician who is elected by fraud does not win an election. Elected people are chosen by the will of the people. They don’t win. If they win, the election is about them. Elections are not about politicians. Elections are about the people they represent, and the rest of humanity as well. 

The vagueness of transparency hides failure in reams of paper, hours of investigation, and conflicting news releases. There is vagueness hidden the complexity of deflection. Vagueness has a dehumanizing effect on human behavior. The clarity of water is of little consequence if what you want to see is too deep. Transparency is like that. If you are looking for success, and the complexity is too deep, you won’t find it.

PIE. Clear language paves the path to success. Clarity is not vague. It is clear. It is simple. But, most importantly, it sparkles. 

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