Truth or Politics

Truth, what is actually true; Is often confused with belief, what person mistakenly believes to be actually true. Political figures often tell their constituents lies. The constituents believe them. A lie detector would show no deception because the person actually believes the lie. Under oath he would perjure himself while actually believing he was being truthful.

lies often support religious beliefs. Believing in their credibility can be comforting. Many heinous acts have been committed in the name of religions whose doctrines would never support the inhumanity. Politicians cash in on some of these. It seems that religious principles generally are supportive of individuals improving their own behavior, not forcefully changing the behavior of others. 

Politicians sometimes use truthful catch phrases to hide bad behavior. They are essentially lies that voters believe to be true. The following paragraphs illustrate some of them:

“The Right to Life,” Of course people think that is a good thing, but life needs an environment that supports it. “A bird that lays its eggs outside of the nest will not produce new life.” If people have a right to life, they also have the right to an environment that supports it. Shaming people who don’t have access a life supporting habitat poisons the environment, making it unsuited for human habitation. The right to life is the right to an environment that supports it. 

“Free and Fair Elections,” Elections are not fair if voters are lied to. Typical lies inspire fear. Terms like liberal, conservative progressive, right wing, or left wing have no reliable meaning. They are used to divide people. What can be relied on is how they are used to animate any people who are paying attention. The terms are like mascots, vikings, rams, or cheese heads. Once people pick their teams they easily accept lies about the opposition. They live in a fact free  impenetrable cage. They sometimes go to their graves, or send others to theirs, by refusing to accept facts that would have kept everyone safe and contented.

“The Right to Work.” Inherently people have the right to to work. They also have the right a living wage. The problem is the right to a living wage is not inherited. It relies on economic capability. Economic capability is environmental. The worker has little control over it. People work for those with the power to deny them a living wage. They keep that power by keeping people poor. Poor people can be required to do harmful things for little money. Needy people are the primary symptom of economic incapability.

The Real World is outside of the cage

Here are some facts. Open the door to your cage. There is exactly one environment. We share it with people who are all different. We share it with other generations. PIE, people improve environment, by trying to improve it. They can, and should, eliminate WIP, war, injustice, and poverty. Lies are not political. They are crimes that need a law. 

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