Ignore-ance not Ignorance

A blight as pervasive and unholy as medieval witchcraft has infected our social institutions. It is making a mockery of government, education, and even religion. There is a cure for this affliction.

Repeating failure is environmentally destructive.

The first step in effecting a cure for this malady is to give it a name. Until this happens we are effectively denying its existence, living in fear of being consumed, watching in a stupor as it consumes our future, and that of our children.

Reality exists, but people have a tendency to ignore it, if they feel like ignoring it. How many people eat things they know are not good for them? Selfish behavior usually falls into this category. I want something I have no legal claim to, but I have the power to take it. When I took it, I didn’t act ignorantly because I knew better. I was ignore-ant, not ignorant.

Ignore-ance is not a real word yet. I would argue that it has been purposely left out of the English vocabulary. It would take several paragraphs to explain ignore-ant behavior, and those of us who use it would rather not explain why we eat junk food, and bully people who don’t have the power or the opportunity to complain.

Ignore-ant political behavior is not politic, wise. It is corrupt. Reality exists. So does ignorance, but ignorance has an educational solution. Ignore-ance does not. People will continue to eat junk food even though they know better. Bullies will bully as long as they get by with it. 

There is a word missing from the American vocabulary that will cut the complexity of  communication a thousandfold. Most environmentally destructive behavior is not carried out ignorantly. Its attack on humanity ignores reality. It is ignore-ant behavior.


Normalizing ignore-ant behavior hides reality. As behavior becomes customary it seems normal. It may be normal to eat junk food, but it is still hazardous. It may be normal to disenfranchise minorities, but it is still dehumanizing. It is still environmentally stupid. 

A communication upgrade is long past due. Now that you know, ignorance is no longer an excuse. It is stupid to remain ignorant, but to remain ignore-ant is a personal danger, and a hazard to humanity.

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