America was built with dreams of the first people there. 

The red, white, and black dreamed them with sweat and with prayer.

A young girl dreamed them, supported by her “fam”.

A small boy dreamed them, and a wrinkled old man.


It seems like some people still do some dreaming,

But others have been hurt, and now they’re demeaning.

They say it is hopeless.  There sure ain’t no use.

Dreamin’s for babies and wimps with a screw loose. 


You need to be tough.

You need to be strong.

Drink lots of good beer.

Laugh loud and laugh long.


The government takes good care of us here, you see.

They take care of you.  They take care of me.

They teach us important lessons in school.

If you follow your dreams, then you’re surely a fool.


Everyone has a job to do, a boss to follow.

Never mind that your friends are all broke, and your heart is still hollow.

Don’t worry about life getting tough for your children,

It’s their fault if they don’t get rich, or if their taxes will kill them.


See how stupid all those people are.

They don’t even move when you’re driving your car.  

They all are to blame for the worlds’ horrible mess.

They are self-serving cowards. Nothing like we, I guess. 


On Sunday attend the church of your choice.

Our government supports this with a loud, booming voice.

When on Monday you decide to do what is right,

They’ll tell you, “Dumb choice. It is smarter to fight.”


In college you’ll find all the folks who are smart.

They teach you science-‘n’-math-‘n’-business-‘n’-art.

They learn from their books, all that is fine.

So dreams won’t distract them, not yours and not mine.


And these folks teach teachers to know all there is

About reading and science and math and biz.

Then they teach our children all of this stuff,

And if our kids don’t learn it, it’s gonna be tough.


When it comes down to justice,

America’s best. 

When they ask, “Who is guilty?”

“How much money?” is the test.


There is plenty of law, 

To protect you and me.

The poor go to jail;

The rich go to tea.


Damn God for putting those dreams in our heads.

They need to be broken so we can be led.

If your dreams go unbroken, then you won’t learn your place.

You’ll think Earth is heaven, instead of just space.  

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