Cash Flow

If people are to understand their environment, they must try to understand cash flow. There are three basic questions. How do people obtain money? What happens to them, and others if they fail to receive enough to sustain health and safety? How does the flow of money nurture, or fail to nurture, the environment shared by all people and future generations? These are basic economic questions that need public answers. There is an a single alternative to economic understanding. Failing to understand (stupidity) is the cause of WIP. (war, injustice, and poverty)

Those who control money don’t want to share the power. They use WIP to create the phony narrative that poverty is caused by sub humanity. Injustice is justifiable punishment for that sub humanity, and war is a tool to rightfully redirect the flow of cash to those who crave its power.

The environmental devastation caused by WIP is evident and scientifically measurable. But science turns an eye that is blinded by cash flow. Politicians can’t see either. Religious organizations, and educational institutions see much but they don’t appear to be able read those three basic economic questions. Perhaps brain fog is obstructing their view.

The drama of people trying to dodge sub humanity would be humorous if the the pain was not so intense. The final curtain closes with some people fighting to get cash, some picking up small coins, and some so frantic that they attack everyone, even children. Many die in desperation after a lifetime of sad emptiness. In the drama nobody is trying to solve the cash flow problem. They are trampling the very questions that lead to understanding.

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