Divided government is dictatorship by a powerful faction. Defining appropriate governmental behavior has always wrongly become a governmental function with dictatorial repercussions. The governors have typically used the power of the government to retain power, and those who wanted to become governors joined the governing establishment to obtain and secure power. That opens the door to corruption of the process, and it impedes the reversal of that process. Ultimately people are left with a dilemma, two bad choices, an increasingly corrupt dictatorial government or no government. It is the governed who are harmed by dictators. It is the governed alone who have legitimate power to direct governmental behavior by insisting that it first does no harm.

There is exactly one environment that all people share for all generations. Effective government unifies people to achieve safety and benefit for the body of humanity. Ineffective government divides. It tries to make governmental sycophants safe, and prosperous, but since fighting does little to achieve those goals, it heaps perks on what it calls winners. Everyone else loses, and even the winners lose. The king of a junk pile lives on a pile of junk. Divided government fails. It poisons the environment that all people live in. People will choose to share government, die, or live in despair. Which will you choose?

King of the junk pile

Government is easily divided by power. Power is of little use in unification. It is an ineffective unifier. Knowledge is the uniter, but not just any knowledge, only wisdom. This planet that we will all share forever is precious. It can only support happy healthy life with the help of its occupants. They help by trying to protect each other, and all generations. Government that fails to support humanity fails humanity. Humanity that fails to support unity fails government. Dictatorial governments divide people using deception to keep unifying knowledge from uniting them. 

A legitimate constitution is a direction, not directions. The language in the US constitution preamble clearly points a certain direction, toward a more perfect union. As people learn more they need to make minor changes to stay on course. To travel a direction, progress is a requirement. Government cannot be stagnant. The constitutional direction is toward unification. Divisions must me healed the only way divisions can be healed with kindness, and wisdom. That can only happen in the clear light of unobstructed truth. 

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