Lies are crimes against humanity. Just as truths form the backbone of education, lies are its deterioration. Lies are unacceptable in public discourse. They are not humane. Lies are environmental contaminants. Nature’s consequences cross borders and generations. Lies are abusive to people, and the environment they share. Political law cannot override natural consequences such as WIP. (war, injustice, and poverty)

Clean air and clean water is important to health, and safety. Polluting them is a crime against humanity. Lies are environmental pollutants that measurably degrade the planet that we either share, or suffer the dire natural consequences of failure. Lies pollute the environment. They are naturally existing crimes against humanity.

The game of life is played by the rules of nature. Lying is cheating. Of course people can be easily fooled by liars. The pillars of justice have no credibility when they allow lies. Truth and justice are inseparable. 

Democracy is ineffective and unjust when it ignores lies. People who are deceived vote against their best interest. They fail to protect the environment that they share with other people, and other generations. The survival, the capability, and the happiness of every person hangs on how well institutions protect the truth, and how insistent people are that they succeed.

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