Political Renovation

People of the world share economics, land, oceans, atmosphere, genetics, communication and attitude on a time continuum. The documents on which they base civil discourse become outdated as people gain understanding of the environment that they share. Progress is reliant on peoples’ behavior, and their behavior is more appropriate if the documents are relevant.

Much of history apparently has been negatively influenced by superstition, and that influence is negatively influencing human survivability, capability, and its comfortability. Time has allowed people to learn. Some particular knowledge forces a paradigm change. Facts rule reality. Photos from space show Earth to be a sphere. Believing the earth to be flat is superstition. People often have superstitions, but when superstition controls behavior the outcomes can be dire.

Reality is forcing one of those paradigm changes. While superstitious beliefs are causing what people have always thought of as the despair of uncontrollable human tragedy, it is now quite clear that there is a well defined path to an infinitely brighter future.

The ancient belief is clearly destructive. It causes WIP. WIP is the war, injustice, and poverty that is caused by behavior that emanates from an ancient superstition. The new paradigm will not be adequately implemented without incorporating it into documents of civil discourse.

There is exactly one environment that all people share for all generations. It has been photographed from nearly every conceivable angle. It is immensely more advantageous to share it than to fight over it.

Economics is documented to view the flow of money as power to control social behavior. History keeps showing this to be clearly ineffective, and inhumane. The flow of money clearly needs to enhance humanity, and control power.

The documentation needs to include the importance of protecting the land, the oceans and the atmosphere. They are the only habitable place available for people. Their destruction affects the survivability, the capability, and the happiness of this and subsequent generations.

Humanity is genetic. People have inherited capability to modify the environment for the betterment of others, and other generations. Failure is a behavioral flaw. 

People communicate their beliefs. Some are true. Some are false. Some beliefs have not received adequate scrutiny. Reality exists. Lies are harmful. It is easier to avoid harm than to suffer dreadful consequences. Learning is a purposeful act. Avoiding it is harmful. For communication to be effective harm needs to be documented as a danger. Communication affects behavior. Just as a physician is expected to, “first do no harm,” each person should communicate none. People are environmental doctors.

Attitude is environmental health. No person is self reliant. Others provide for them. Unhealthy attitudes are, by their very nature, harmful. Attitudes create the very environment that people share and pass on to new generations. Healthy attitudes are hopeful, but not superstitiously so. Opportunity only exists in reality. 

The good news is that people inherited an attribute that allows them to improve the environment that they live in, and that they pass to coming generations. The bad news is that failing to improve it is harmful to humanity in every way imaginable, and in ways that are unimaginable. 

Documents written hundreds of years ago may have been effective in their time, but time increases what people know. To avoid environmental harm people have to try to avoid it. Earth needs to be a place free of war, injustice and poverty. The opportunity exists to free it. Brilliance, power, piety, or popularity may change personal ability, but they have no effect on reality. Harm harms. Documents that create the borders of civil discourse need to be kept up to date. They guide civil behavior. Politics needs renovation if it is to be politic. People inherit opportunity. Using their inheritance is how they are able to become humane.

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