Linguistic Vector

Words, especially adjectives, have vectors (directions and forces). The word intelligent can describe a person who knows much. What in particular the person knows, and of what importance it is, determines the vector. Why should we care?

ArticlesWhy I care is this. WIP, war, injustice, and poverty, has existed since the beginning of recorded history. Many people, I am assuming vast majorities, have detested its existence. Yet as of this moment, I know of no plausible plan for its eradication. Segments of society use its parts to obtain power that is inhumane. Inhumanity is what powers WIP. 

WIP is a single object. The earth is one object composed of solids, liquids, and gases. WIP is one object composed of wars, injustices, and poverty. WIP is toxic to human beings. It erodes their trust. It makes them feel bad. It wastes their time and resources. It even affects the way they reproduce. WIP degrades past generations as it poisons the future.

There is exactly one environment that houses all people across all generations. It is infinitely smarter to improve it than to continue to poison it with WIP. Clear communication is required to make that happen. WIP is the source of vast financial collusion for the support of WIP. Lies that hide that collusion are camouflaged by the very language that is expected to expose it, and correct it.

Reality exists. Education is a direction, not an amount. Functional education illuminates reality. It doesn’t create it. People don’t create reality. It just exists. Survival, as well as the quality of survival depends on cooperating with reality. Linguistic vectors are communication compasses that point to reality.

People don’t inherit attributes that allow them to adapt well to their existing environment. The attributes people inherit make them better suited to adapt their environment to their humanity. People have the ability, and I would argue the responsibility to improve their environment. If words are to have meaning they need communicative vectors that point away from WIP and toward its reciprocal, PIE. (people improving environment)

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