Lies and deceit are an unnecessary part of what people call civilization. They are not civil. They are used to broker power. The result is a constant downward pressure on humanity. Deceit is corrupt intent. It is uncivilized. Yet, it is a regular part of commercial behavior, and what could be referred to as political, and judicial discourse. 

Economically, effective human behavior is above that of animals. Animals’ survival often depends on trickery. “Survival of the fittest,” is different for animals than people. Animals survive either individually, or in groups by individually coping with the environmental threats because they are powerless to change them. People fail to reach their potential individually, or in groups because their inherited traits don’t allow them to flourish by individually competing in their environment. Humanity can only thrive by improving the single environment, and sharing it.

People improve their ability by improving their environment. They evolve by working across boundaries and generations. Failure to improve their environment is catastrophic to their ability to thrive. 

Truth is nonnegotiable because half truth is not true. Facts can be misconstrued or not understood, but truth requires due diligence to separate it from just the appearance of truth. There are powerful interests that would rather that people not know the truth. They receive their power by hiding it. Deceit is the fuel of corruption. 

There is a fact that has become increasingly apparent over the course of recorded history. There is but one environment that all people are compelled to share with all other people for all generations. Nature requires it. There is nowhere else to live. People have the ability to make it more habitable, and they can do it infinitely better by cooperating than fighting.

WIP (war, injustice, and poverty) is symptomatic of human failure to improve its own environment. Pomposity is not power. It is environmental destruction. The survival of people, places, and generations require PIE (people improving environment).

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