WIP – War, injustice, Poverty

Did you ever wonder why WIP (war, injustice, and poverty) still exists. It causes depression and despair while it spoils the fragile balance of nature including human nature. WIP is a single entity like a tree with roots, leaves, and branches. Of course, a tree is not usually environmentally destructive, whereas WIP always is.

Maximizing human potential while minimizing human risk is an economic function. There is a way to accomplish human betterment. Ignoring economic facts propels us in the wrong direction. That ignore-ance is how vast majorities inflict environmental costs that are difficult to recover, and often impossible to recover. 

War will exist if there is injustice or poverty. Injustice will exist as long as there is poverty or war. Poverty will exist if war does, or if there is injustice. WIP exists if any of its parts do, and WIP is the plague. There is no partial cure, and it can’t be immediately eradicated. Its elimination requires first its diagnosis, then carefully economically suppressing it. 

Failed HistoryPeople look at history as if its cyclical tragedy was a mirror image of the future. The tragedy is not necessary. People have learned some things, and they are learning more things that can fundamentally change the cruel incompetence  of past generations. Superstition is not ignorance. It is ignoring the reality that naturally exists. Superstition is what causes WIP. WIP is the plague. It can be economically replaced with optimism for a kinder more competent future. 

There is a single fact that former generations were completely unaware of. They thought that clever people could thrive at the expense of others. They failed to comprehend that an attack on even one person was an attack on all of the rest, those living, and those not yet born. All people share a single environment, and humanity has a single life span. WIP unnecessarily spoils that environment, and the quality of the life within it.

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