Unconstitutional Language

The US Constitution has been on a path destructive to its durability from its inception. The Preamble requires a direction, toward a more perfect union. History has documented its travel toward division, and toward corruption. Division is not union. Allowing corruption is less prefect, not more. The corruption, and the division are caused by, and exacerbated by inadequate linguistic ability that impairs communication, and it facilitates corrupt intent.. 

An educated electorate is required to care for the union. Educated people are not “all knowing” however. Education is not an amount. It is a direction. Wrong direction nullifies education. It is in fact not education. Education clarifies the reality that people share an environment across borders and generations. For education to clarify, it must use a relatively unambiguous vocabulary. That vocabulary is not keeping up with the pace of learning, and much learning is not educational because it fails to educate.

Words matter. Responsibility is the price of freedom. Economy is not harmful. If it was harmful it would not be economic. WIP (war, poverty, injustice) is treated as something to something to avoid when it is actually something that needs to be eradicated. Avoiding it passes the harm to others as it reduces the capability, the safety, and the satisfaction of the entirety of civil society.

Loose speech makes offensive acts appear as if they are just something people need to tolerate. It creates a constitutional mine field hidden in complexity. This complexity causes people to look for sub-civil protectors to protect them from unnecessary vulnerability. Self-serving faux protectors emerge that are  linguistically masked to hide deceit. This is a constitutional crisis that is becoming increasingly severe. Money is power. Money should be service. Politics is corruption. It should be wise leadership. Law protects the wealthy. It should protect everyone, beginning with the vulnerable.

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