Man Made Dilema

From days of antiquity until now, humankind has tried to educate itself. It has done so with a goal that trivialized humanity. People can communicate around the globe, and cooperate across space, but they appear to be incapable of caring for themselves. We belong to a dysfunctional family. Why? The answer is a destructive dilemma. As a dysfunctional family its members create conflicts that they cannot deescalate. They don’t know how, and are unwilling to learn.

It was once believed, and still is, that people had to compete with each other to make a good life for themselves, and others like them. That competition made people feel unsafe, unworthy, and angry. The conflict degrades the environment, and the degradation continues across generational lines. WIP, (war, injustice, and poverty) is the obscene fruit of human conflict. The exploitation of vulnerable people creates conflicts that erode the environment to the point that it is hostile to humanity. People have the ability to improve the environment that they have been degrading for centuries. Repeating and escalating the mistakes of history is neither a good idea, nor is it necessary.

There is the necessity for a course of study that learns, and teaches how to solve the problems that institutionally exist. A methodology to teach the human family how to avoid unkindness and incompetence. The course is economics, not the politically hijacked version, but one with the goal of preventing WIP. One that adds value to humanity by adding value to each human life. One course that focuses on eliminating environmental harm, and maximizing humanitarian benefit.

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