The Condition of the Habitat

Good and bad are emotionally charged words that are misunderstood, and therefore misused. They are words that subvert effective communication from logic to emotion. They cloud judgement and camouflage facts. Good and bad are emotionally descriptive of conditions brought about by nature or human nature. Conditions, good or bad, typically have dynamic inceptions. They are born kinetically. The kinetic link people have to conditions is behavior. Certain behavior strengthens or creates particular conditions.

Apparently the condition of most of the universe is hostile to human habitation. That fact isn’t bad. It is simply true. People have many opportunities to improve conditions. Taking advantage of them is beneficial to humanity. Failing to do that reduces the quality of the conditions that affect everybody.

People create better conditions for others. They inherit the conditions others left them. Better conditions require particular behavior. If the conditions are deteriorating, the behavior is inadequate, but opportunity exists as long as there people to use it.

As far as I know there is no genetic link for goodness. There are no good or bad people. Good and bad are not genetic traits. However, there is a genetic link to humanity. People have an attribute not shared with other species. That attribute is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that it creates an opportunity for humanity to improve its habitat. The curse is that failure to avail itself to that opportunity causes its habitat to shrink in both size and quality.  

Humanity is a single body that shares a single environment. Gouging out a persons eyes is not helpful. It harms the body of the person, and the body of all humanity. That is just a fact. The conditions that people live with can be improved with behavior. Living with self inflicted wounds is difficult, dehumanizing, and degrading. People are insulated from dissatisfaction, despair, and extinction by the efforts of other people. Making the choice to care for the body of humanity is what creates humanity. 

A fish can only live in water. Changing its behavior will not change the conditions of its habitat. People can use behavior to change their habitat. They are not stuck. Intellect and emotion are motivators of behavior. Environment naturally erodes. Individually, people cope with erosion emotionally because erosion is beyond their individual capability to control. Emotion causes individuals to behave in ways that are detrimental to humanity. Emotion can stymie efforts to protect individuals’ immediate needs, needs that often could have been better served by other people.

Binary math can help understand this. People can guide behavior with intellect. Certain behavior results in better emotional outcomes, as well as better survival odds. With regards to humanity, each behavior can be represented by 1 if it is helpful, or represented by 0 if it is not, Benefit or harm. Zero in binary math is not nothing. No behavior is inconsequential. Numerical depiction helps avoid emotional logic. Superstitious ideology has emotional underpinnings. It inspires behavior or apathy that will not create a decent habitat for humanity. War, injustice, and poverty can only be eradicated using intellectually guided behavior.  

Good and bad are emotional words. Human behavior that is not environmentally supported tends not to be environmentally supportive. The place people live needs to be the best they can make it. Less is not good enough. Humanity can only improve, because failing is inhumane. People create the habitat they share. Failing to improve it is inhumane.

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