Free Speech

Free speech is inherited. What people say determines what others will inherit. Abusive rhetoric is what suppresses free speech. When harmful, and hurtful things are said free speech disappears.

The abuse of free speech is what suppresses it. To promote free speech, people speak of their own shortcomings, and speak of the need for justice. Finding fault with others, while we ignore our own faults, or abusing others with speech suppresses it. Free speech is not won in a fight. It is an inherited gift. Cleansing it, improve it, and passing it on for the benefit, and the enjoyment of other people, and other generations makes it durable.

Poverty suppresses speech. The bureaucratic definition is not actually free speech. For the impoverished it is only a free whisper. imperceptible to the deafness of illegitimate power.

Bureaucracy has no conscience. It gains power, as it loses dignity. Institutional dignity improves free speech. Justice and free speech are not independent of each other.

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