Economic Universe

The foundation of all business is kindness and competence. Collaboratively we are able to do for others, what they are powerless to do for themselves. As individuals we are helpless. ( Can you make your clothes, your food, your house, your phone, or your car? )

The collaboration used for business is cross-generational. We use ideas, tools, and materials that were discovered many generations ago, and generations from now they will use our discoveries. What we inherited has already determined our potential, and what we leave future generations will determine theirs.

Our potential is the size of the universe available to us. It is the economic environment that we share, for better or worse. When we are gone, the size of  economic environment will grow or shrink. Its size, human potential, depends on our economic behavior. Kindness, what we do for each other, makes us more capable. It increases our potential.

We have the potential to become better, kinder and more competent. The purpose of business is to expand those attributes. Pseudo business relationships wear a mask that hides unkindness, incompetence or both. These masks cause, or allow the economic environment to shrink. Blame for the shrinkage often appears as if those who were pushed out were to blame for their own expulsion, but it is inclusion that expands our potential. The exclusion of segments of the population decreases the size and quality of our economic universe.

Kindness has long been identified as an individual trait, but it is far more. Kindness is also a social trait that inspires trust. (Kind individuals have often, in the course of history, been called weak, There is no strength in injustice, or incompetence. Injustice is a product of masked pseudo business relationships.) For individuals to be socially kind they must socially aware of unkindness and incompetence. Social kindness unmasks pseudo business where a few are unduly rewarded for the enslavement many. Effort, cooperation, and perseverance may eventually accomplish an unmasking, but it is exponentially less costly to prevent the institutionalization of unkindness, injustice, and incompetence than to correct it.

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