A Linguistic Journey from Inception to Corruption

A person doesn’t need to be a student of history, as I most assuredly am not, to understand that a repeated pattern of bad behavior develops as time progresses. A group of people meet to form a, “more perfect union.” They draw up papers to give particular instructions, erect barriers, and expectations. As laws are passed, and policies are adopted there is a particular direction that the people must travel, toward a more perfect union. More perfect is a measurable vector that can be distinguished by the avoidance of harm.

People strive to become outstanding. Leaders are often picked from the shrewdest, the most religious, most judicious, and the most educated. The people who form the union are not perfect, but they are socially capable of appropriate behavior. Accomplished people certainly have the potential to meet the requirement for betterment. Yet, with the passing of time these leaders needlessly deliver corruption to the process. 

Words matter. A more perfect union requires more perfect communication. Take the word politics. Of things that are political, many are not politic, wise. To become wise one needs education. Of the things that are learned and taught, many are not educational. They may be not true, or they may be used to harm humanity. Leader is a word often used to describe a person who guides people toward humanity. A tyrant doesn’t lead. Leading has a direction toward betterment, and away from harm. 

Criminal enterprises use vague language to lure victims, to escape detection, and to avoid punishment. Complexity is an easy place to hide when words have no direction. Sometimes the good guys are robbing the bank, while the bad guys are trying to give warning. The good guys being people who are trusted, the bad guys, people who are not respected. Good and bad are corruptible appearances. Like mirages in a desert they disorient people. 

How do we move toward a more perfect union? When people talk about politics, most are referring to the journey down the path toward betterment. They are easy prey for self-serving rascals who hide dastardly acts with nonspecific language polluting the atmosphere by eradicating trust. Politics, leadership, education, religion, policy and law are all words designed to inspire trust, but their reciprocals are so prevalent that civil society keeps needlessly traveling from inception to corruption.

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