Just Math

Around the world people divide themselves into two groups, ideological polar opposites, liberal and conservative. While the ideology is superstitious nonsense, these groups are consistently engaged in a battle that is devastating to humankind, and the environment it shares with this and future generations. Each side has predetermined that the other is evil, and middle ground is not acceptable. Economics cannot be established superstitiously. The war, injustice, and despair that existed centuries ago, not only still exists, but it is worse. There is no plan to change. People feel helpless. They have chosen just to try dodging some of the harmful effects of economic failure. This always was, and still is a bad idea. There is a solution, and it is just math

Majorities in both groups believe in an ancient idea that survival is for the fittest, and schools back the notion with flat world science, and pseudo economics. There presently is exactly one habitat for humanity. Sharing it is an astronomically better idea than fighting over it. Vast majorities deplore war and injustice, but they feel incapable of changing the habits of the seven billion souls with whom they share the earth. 

Ecology is the science that studies protecting the environment for living things. Economics is a part of that science. How people behave affects the environment, and people can change their behavior. They do so willingly if it has a positive effect on how they feel. However people don’t control their own environment. They control their neighbors’ environment. Their neighbors control theirs. How can math help to control the environment? Haven’t we always used math?

Consider the following problem:

There are two witches stirring the caldron. Another witch joins them. How many witches are there in all?

Answer: None. Witches don’t exist. Math only produces predictable results in reality.

Keep in mind that economics is ecology, a real science, and discounting the superstitious notions that were previously called economics are both unpredictable, and unsustainable.  Economics is a natural attribute. When it is given scientific scrutiny, the math will produce predictable results.

“Superstishomics” used math tricks to profit from injustice. Just as witches don’t exist, economic value is “hocus pocus”. Actually it exists but not as a value. It is an incalculable variable authoritatively, and ideologically assigned, with little, or no environmental regard. The result of this, produces trick money that is used to prop up fau-leadership that uses trickery to divide humanity against itself. Conservatives try to balance the budget by taking resources from the poor. Liberals want a fairer distribution of wealth, but leadership won’t tolerate that because their power comes from keeping people needy.

Kindness is the principal of economics, people helping each other. Value is highest when everyone is included. The math will be used to establish environmental value. Money is blood for the economic body. Just as bleeding or clotting can sicken a body, blood flow keeps the economic body healthy and happy. 

A great deal of superstition lies in what is called GDP. GDP is a total that fails to acknowledge the difference between the cost of harm and the value of benefit. Worse it includes harm that is not reversible. Any math done with GDP is probably phony, just as math done with money the value of which incalculably fluctuates according to who spends it, and when they spend it. A dollar saved sixty years ago, is worth about a nickel today.

Kindness counts. If it isn’t kind, it isn’t economic either. Economics needs to be real science. When the math works, war, poverty, and injustice will disappear. So will the anger depression, and despair that they cause. Do the math.

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