There is exactly one reason that the chaos of past history still exists. It is the wholesale acceptance of the superstition that hides behind labels such as education, religion, ideology, and government. While people believe many things that are true, much of what is politically practiced has no foundation in reality.

The word politics stems from the base word politic which means wise. A person would have to be delusional to believe that the war, injustice, and poverty that saturates the world with despair got this way because its leaders were governing wisely, or that those who allowed them to lead understood even the most rudimentary concepts pertaining to the reality that all people share. They share an environment that they chaos can improve. Failing to improve it places humanity exactly where it is, in dire straits.

People inherit a natural economic attribute. They share it around the world, and across generations. With it they can improve their being, and the environment they share with others, across borders, and through generations. Politics by definition is economically confined because the economic attribute that we are privileged to share is the natural source of wisdom. 

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