Why Choose to Lose?

Human beings have the ability to improve who they are as a society by improving their habitat. Failing to improve the environment that everybody shares, unnecessarily exposes humanity to harm from naturally existing forces. Progress destroys harm. What direction does progress move? Progress moves toward environmental sustenance and improvement.

People are often exposed to harm. They try to dodge it. Think of a block of concrete sitting in the middle of a road. In the dark of the night someone hits it with their car and blows two tires. They repair their car and proceed without removing the block, or calling the police. Other cars will hit it causing damage to vehicles, perhaps injuring or killing their occupants. If the driver of the car that hit the brick, repairs his car, and just drives off, he is exhibiting conservative behavior. He takes care of himself, his damage, and leaves the scene. He spends no effort and no money to improve the driving conditions of the others who will follow him down that dangerous hi-way. Conservative behavior is selfish and inconsiderate of others. It fails to opportunely eliminate harm from the environment. Progressive behavior requires utilizing opportunities to make the environment safe and satisfying for others.

Progressive policies remove harm from the environment that everyone shares. Everyone receives benefit, and there is a cost. Progressive policies are safer, and more satisfying than conservative ones, but they require effort by society. There is a cost, but the return is a brighter future for humanity, and an increased ability to progress.

Each person is born with a desire to be safe from harm. Unfortunately, none are able to protect themselves. People have opportunities to help others, but there is a cost. The cost is shared by people who aren’t in danger. Progressive policies have the side benefit of allowing people to trust others.

Conservation is progressive behavior. Unfortunately the term conservative is borrowed in an attempt to give legitimacy to behavior that allows unnecessary harm to the human environment. People use collective intellect to divide humanity so they can financially control unsuspecting masses to do their bidding.

People progressively help each other or humanity pays a terrible cost. Those who disregard the needs of others surround themselves with people who have little regard for the needs of others, those who live in foreign places, or those of other generations.

Why choose to lose. The people of future generations inherit your history. Progressive policy is a road to satisfaction and safety. It crosses boundaries and generations. Money is the economic blood that feeds humanity and carries off the waste. Like cement blocks in the road to progress, restricting the humane flow of money causes people to allow harm to humanity. Why choose to lose?

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