The world is filled with business relationships. Money is the life blood of their existence. They operate in an environment that all people have shared for generations, and will continue to share forever. It is quite simply more effective to improve the human environment than to destroy it, or to allow it to erode.

Business relationships are commercial, religious, and governmental. The problem with these business relationships is that they tend to redefine humanity in a manner that ignores economic reality. People are genetically gifted with the ability to improve their environment. There is a naturally existing economic force that they can use to increase the quality of personal existence, social existence, and continued existence. 

There currently are two types of business relationships that are considered somewhat normal fare. They both exist, and people use them to gain personal advantage. The types are characterized here as, “win win,” and “win lose.” These relationships have no labels, and people work hard to not lose. Winning does not promote economic benefit if it is done at the expense of other people. Fighting erodes humanity, whether it is done in a board room or in military combat.

Economic life blood, money, is how people share existence. If people don’t have access to money they are deprived of food, shelter safety, and respect. The value of money increases as it is cleansed of monetarily borne pathogens. The health of humanity requires that the pathogens that feed war, injustice, poverty and despair be cleansed from the economic life blood of humanity.

Clearbiz is a process to improve the economic health of humanity for this and coming generations. People are genetically unfit to be herded around by bullies who get their power from depriving others of theirs. The time in history has arrived for peace. Clearbiz is a filter that is designed to economically benefit all people for all generations. 

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