Natural Economic Law

There is no rational correlation between evil beings and economic harm. Harm is harmful whether it is caused by a felon, or by the pope. Similarly, there is no correlation between intellect and harm, for exactly the same reason. Harm is harmful regardless of the stupidity, the brilliance, the dastardliness, or of the godliness of the people who allow it to degrade humanity.

Law that is contrary to natural economic law is potentially harmful, probably usually harmful, and perhaps always economically harmful. Any nation that is governed by law is first governed by economic law, reality. 

Economic law is universal. It is simple to understand. Nevertheless it is academically unrecognized. The result of this is that people are being educated to ignore economic harm. Students go into the world with powerful academic tools that can do harm, that allow harm, and that hide it.

Throughout history essentially four kinds of power have been pursued to combat harm. They include physical, spiritual, intellectual, and political power. While there is a role for these attributes, they have been so ineffective in eliminating economic harm that humankind is needlessly destroying itself. War, injustice, poverty, and despair are not becoming less prevalent. They are creating an environment that is increasingly hostile to humanity. 

As people cast blame for harm on others, feelings are hurt. Sub economic habitat is dehumanizing. It spawns animal-like behavior, and the harm becomes an infectious plague that divides humanity against itself. It causes people to destroy each other, and themselves.

This is the universal basic economic law, reality. All generations share one environment, forever. It is not effective, or satisfying to fight over it. Safety, comfort, and joy are gifts derived from the efforts of other people, and other generations. Every person makes a difference. It matters that each person, and each institution chooses to first do no harm. Personal benefit, and satisfaction is produced by others, and it is produced for others. Together people build economy. Divided they sabotage it.

Economic harm is the enemy of humankind. Left unchecked it causes the plague that haunts humanity. Protect us from economic harm by protecting other people from it. Humanity cannot occupy the same environment as the plague, and there is only one environment. You are important. Protect yourself by protecting others. Make a difference.

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