Economic Triangle

Unlike other species, people are socially capable of improving who they are by improving the habitat they share with others across physical and generational boundaries. Economy is ecological. It is based on the premise that people can affect environmental betterment. That betterment is economic. Failure is not. It is not economic. Economic failure is antinomic.

Think of earth being on one side of a triangle, between harm and benefit. Possibility is the third angle that lies opposite the line connecting harm and benefit. The angle increases with effort and study. Effort and study increases the ability to affect change, but change that causes harm is not economic. It repels economic possibility. For example war, injustice, and poverty all reduce the possibility of people to affect change by seriously wounding economy. With little economy people are vulnerable to the inhumanity that surrounds them. Inhumanity shrinks and degrades the habitat that all people are compelled to share, eroding the possibility of improving it.

Economic Triangle

These are natural uncontaminated definitions of education and economy. In nature there is an economic triangle. The triangle is frozen in time. It is based on possibility. People have the ability make changes. The changes are either for better, or for worse. Otherwise their values are undetermined, unknown, and unsafe. Study is required to understand the effect of changes on humanity. Learning to identify the triangulated locations of each change to ascertain whether it does antinomic harm or produces economic benefit is educational. Education that fails to establish this foundational study fails its mission, to increase the ability to affect change by learning how to avoid harm and to maximize benefit for humanity. Educational failure is not education but a superstitious ideology that lowers the capability, the sustainability, and the desirability of being human.

Each moment there is a new triangle. The possibilities are inherited from all of the previous triangles. Doing harm drastically increases the cost of producing benefit for humanity. As people learn more, they affect more change. Understanding the economic triangle gives people a choice. Live, to build a brighter future for humanity, or die, failing to protect it.


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