Why Is There WIP? (war, injustice, and poverty)

Why Is There WIP?

Why is there still WIP (war, injustice, and poverty)? Can’t it be eliminated? Just publicly asking the question is considered reasonable proof of the mental instability of those who ask. Yet the misery, the danger, and the despair created by them are the fuels that allow the worlds bureaucracies to create more war, more injustice, and more poverty. While despicable behavior is best avoided by removing the incentive to behave despicably, honor is bestowed on stupidity.

WIP still exists because there is no plan to eliminate it. Which institution has a plan? Is there a certain religion? a certain government? a certain educational institution? or is there a certain political system that has a plan? If there is, it is a well kept secret. War, injustice, and poverty are used to inflict misery, danger, and despair on other people, so the other people can’t inflict them first. How has that worked out? Add technology, and nukes. Does that look more appealing?

Of course there is no logic in hurting others before they hurt you because sharing an environment is vastly more satisfying, and more effective than fighting over it. Misery, danger, and despair are symptoms of an underlying problem, a problem that is only challenged in fairytales.

Who are the crazies? Are they those who live miserably with the infinite escalating recursion of the symptoms caused by WIP? Wouldn’t stopping the disease, stop its symptoms? Can’t WIP be eliminated? Is peace, justice, and humanity not a real possibility? If the answer is no, then why not? If the answer is yes, shouldn’t there be a plan to achieve it?

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