Truth to Power

Truth to Power

“Speaking truth to power,” triggers a release of potential violence on society that is stored by bureaucracy. The fuel of bureaucratic power is injustice, and the light of truth drains the fuel, degrading bureaucratic ability to do harm. Truth is ecological.

I have noticed that the WIP (war, injustice, and poverty) that plagues the world is not diminishing. It is being used as fuel to bureaucratically divide humanity. “Survival of the fittest,” is not individually applicable. It is a social truth. People have the ability to increase the survivability, and the desirability of human existence. WIP is an indication of failure on both fronts.

Education is not an amount. It is a direction, toward the elimination of WIP. Bureaucratic education has no compass. It can’t get there because it doesn’t know where there is. “Truth to power,” is how to teach it.

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