The Plague

A problem with education is deciding what to study. What things are important? What should children learn? What should the adults who teach them know? Also it is important to notice things that people are learning unintentionally, things that may not serve them well. Ultimately it is important that people learn truth that propels their behavior away from harm, and toward benefit. After all education is a direction, not an amount. In the grand scheme of things each of us is painfully ignorant, and history is painting a picture of people unnecessarily destroying their own environment, and blaming it on others as if they were evil beings.

Hate, fear, despair, and mistrust are feelings that seem to cause the harmful behavior portrayed in history. Either the feelings, or the behaviors seem to damage the people who have them, those who interact with them, and those who avoid them. It is as if there is a plague that is sickening humanity. There are psychological studies and brain research that indicate that actual brain damage is caused by those feelings, and brain damage often causes sub human behavior.

The harm caused by destructive behavior is carried across boundaries, across borders, and across generations. By definition, benefit has to destroy harm to be beneficial. Harm is easily hidden but it causes sickening feelings that cause inhumane behavior that slimes both locations and generations.

People don’t need formal education to discover what they can clearly see. Once they can see it they can understand it. Satellite imagery shows advancing deserts, and vanishing ice caps. Electron microscopes allow people to understand the microbes that live in their guts. Instrumentation is being developed to increase the knowledge people have access to. Unfortunately there is no device that allows people to understand the plague that is unnecessarily causing humanity to destroy itself.

Education, if it is to educate, must become that device. It can be the tool that clearly illuminates the source of the plague that degrades the quality, and threatens existence of humanity.

Examining the picture of history shows how people are superstitiously blamed for the harm caused by forces that are already painted in their history. Instead of eliminating the harm, they allow slime, food for the plague, to cover their environment. Evil didn’t cause the bubonic plague, and it isn’t causing this one.

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