The Elements of Economic Power

The Elements of Economic Power

Probably since the first people inhabited Earth, they either felt comfortable in the presence of others, or they feared them. They used their resources and talents to increase comfort, and decrease fear, including fear of the unknown. They possessed a somewhat limited ability to to accomplish that. The good news is that econmoic ability has been increasing across generations. That particular ability can be recognized as economic power, the elements of which are analyzed here.

Comfort and fear are individual perceptions. People often take comfort in things they should be fearful of, and they often fear things that pose no threat. They do this with beliefs. People were comfortable sailing on the Titanic. They thought its size would protect them them. The iceberg that sunk it was an indication that beliefs are subordinate to reality. Beliefs, on the other hand offer comfort, and hope. While economic power is real, the perception of power is both imaginary, and unnecessarily harmful.

Reality rules. There is one earth. It is the habitat that humanity shares and improves. The sharing and improving is accomplished using the power humanity has obtained. It makes improvements across borders, and through generations, or it fails to accomplish that. Accomplishment requires economic power. Economic failure is caused by resistance. People have accumulated power across generations. Better outcomes require less resistance.

People are not required to be smart. It is an ability they have. Learning can improve across generations. It is a cooperative effort that loads power, as if it were compressing a spring. More effort, and more cooperation across more time produces more power. More power increases the desirability of the human environment, as well as the capability to sustain it. Economic power is reduced by harm, and erased by death.

Perceived power may be real, but probably not. Economic power can be only be identified by its positive effect on individuals and humanity. Resistance has a negative effect on each person, or on the whole of humanity. Harm to either individuals or humanity reduces the power they have.

Each person, and all people obtain power from other people even other generations. When it is given away it creates comfort and competence. When it is jealously protected it harms the human environment, and the human spirit. It reduces the power of each person, and of all people, as it sucks happiness from their helpless bodies. Trying to hold economic power is resistance that divides humanity against itself. That conflict is costly. It disempowers the inhabitants of this and comming generations.

While the golden rule, fails to explicitly spell out the consequences for failure, it clearly defines the direction to find humanity. Economic power is the ability to travel that direction. Resistance is the steepness of the hill we need to climb. Economic power is not caused by just any any force that propels humanity. It only only ocurs when humanity moves forward, and wasting time steepens the grade.

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