Opaque business practices have polluted science. The corporate – governmental establishment overstates its observance of scientific methodology, as it recklessly uses it to exploit citizens, consumers, investors, and workers. Major conflicts of interest, cause science to be used, often as a detriment to humankind.

History has portrayed morality as a choice. Economically there is no choice, preventing social toxins, unkindness, is the only method available to mortals, to improve the quality of their lives, the length of their lives, and the value of their lives. Economically speaking, kindness is binary. When it is turned on, money works for people. When it is turned off, people work for money. Our access to science doesn’t change our ethical decision making skills, but it magnifies the effects of each decision. With kindness switched off, there is an immediate chilling effect. Science, business, and government consume humanity rather than serve it.

Some areas of major concern are medicine, energy, communication, environmental protection, and nutrition.  Doctors work for corporations who profit from your illness. Energy is monopolized by companies who profit by making their products scarce, and save by omitting safety standards. Environmental standards are applied by the, ‘closing the barn door after the horse is out,‘ method, and they are paid for by the victims of the pollution, and the worlds food supply is used as a weapon.

The careful use of science is terribly important. Until now, science has been used by the establishment as a gun, used to figuratively shoot the worlds citizens (targets). The more of your money they got, the better the shot. If they hit your business, they got multiple targets with a single shot. Those who were paid members of the establishment became addicted to the expanding source of income, and like any other addict they made the familiar false claim. “I can handle it, and its not hurting anybody.” Also, addicts were repelled by anyone who desired, or insisted on better treatment. The result is that we have chosen our past policy makers from a group of addicts who got a rush from mixing business, government, and science for an easy-money high (greed on steroids).

Those who have been wounded, or died early from this attack have been branded heroes if they died for the establishment, or miserable wretches, ‘who had it coming,’ if they were anybody else.

We can do better. Our institutions can work for us, or against us. The position of one very small switch controls our destiny. We should expect to see it turned on.

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