Reality or Superstition

Reality vs Superstition

Reality, is exactly how things are. As observers we have a certain perspective. Living our lives, we are often surprised to find out that things we thought to be real actually weren’t, and some other things that we doubted, were in fact real. Our perception of reality is based partially on concrete fact, but primarily on what we believe.

Beliefs tend to be based on the local environment. The local environment is just a sliver of the global environment that all people, for all generations either share and improve, or they destroy it by fighting over it. Sharing seems to be an astronomically better idea than fighting.

Fighting reality seems to be a really bad idea, but it is a binary choice. Shall we fight with people to make life miserable and short? Or, shall we care for them to make life satisfyingly sustainable both now and across coming generations. The choice is clearly a simple one. Very few people have so little intellectual capability that they would purposely make the wrong choice.

What is it that people believe that causes them to make poor choices, choices that harm them, their offspring, and the future of humanity? Beliefs that inspire them to choose harm over benefit are based on superstition. The idea that,“Everyone has the right to their own opinion.” is just wrong. Inhumanity is simply a poor choice. People have the ability make poor choices, but it is not their right. It is either a mistake, or a conscious effort to do wrong.

Hate, anger, and fear are emotions that cause people to choose destructive behavior. Those emotions cause direct consequential harm to them, brain damage. It economically harms those in their local environment. The harm is spread to the entire global environment politically, biologically, and physically. What causes those emotions? Applied inhumanity. Choosing inhumanity is an adopted quality, not an inherited one. It is adopted locally, and it spreads harm globally.

Denigrating people is harmful to those who are denigrated, to the denigrators, and to all of humanity. Peace follows earned trust. Making the right choice is the easy part. Emotions that have been damaged by inhumanity can only be cured by humanity. History has dug a deep hole, but the smart choice has always been humanity. In the real world, it is clearly the right choice. Is it yours?

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