Real Education

Real Education

How does a person become educated? Educational institutions try to produce educated people. That goal increases a propensity for economic instability. Learning is empowering, but power is not naturally beneficial. Harm is easier to produce than benefit.

If education is to be educational, two things must happen. The first is that it must not produce harm. The second is that it must produce benefit. People around the world claim to be educated while they are totally ignorant of the qualifications that naturally exist in nature. Doing harm is more than immoral. It is stupid. Attending school, and learning things is not educational if the things that are learned either cause harm, or fail to produce benefit. The purpose of education is to learn how to economically succeed.

Learning is superstitiously thought of as adding knowledge, something that can be measured like distance, or counted like marbles. No units have been established because becoming educated changes no facts. Learning is just a methodology to use facts for betterment.

Education is not an amount. It is a direction. The question is not, How can I learn more? It is, How can learning take me the right direction, away from harm, toward benefit? Learning more doesn’t help. Just like walking more won’t get a person out off the woods if they walk in circles.

In what direction does education lie? What is the right direction? We share one environment. The purpose of education is to avoid harming the environment, and to benefit it. Education is a three dimensional compass, that is also affected by time. Learning is how we gather enough facts to increase its accuracy. What is learned over time is survivability and desirability. Education as a natural phenomenon available to people that can point the way to a longer happier life for humanity. Our habitat is the best place in the universe to live, but we can learn how to make it much better. Making our habitat better is the natural purpose of education.

There is a real life report card that we can use to measure education. WIP (War, Injustice, and Poverty) is a failing grade. We can use Mother Nature’s school house to avoid harm (WIP). Educationally there are no heroes, and no zeros, just one people, under god, learning humanity.

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